lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Merry christmas

My favorite special occasion is the Christmas, because in this occasion i have winter vacation and in this days i spend time with my family and friends, i decorate my home with my mother and my sisters- i receive and give gifts, we have a special dinner with special foods like hallacas, ham bread and others and in this occasion is the visit of santa claus, too:D

My Schedule

On the week i do many things-
On monday morning, i study and later at 1:00 y go to class. On tuesday i wake up at 7:00 and go to math class at eigth o'clock- in the evening, i work out. On wednesday i wake up at 7:00 for study contability and then at nine fourty i have contability test. Then on thursday i go to class at seven o'clock and a family reunion in the evening at 4:00. On friday morning i breakfast, and go out with my friends at 3:00- On the weekend, i sleep late, on the saturday in the noon i lunch with my friends or family and at night i go party. Finally, on Sunday i go to visit my grandma and i sleep early.


Maria: Look, here's the nwspaper
Me: What movies are in the cinema now?
Maria: The new Twilight movie is playing, let's see it
Me: i don't want to see that movie
Maria: well, then let's see inception
Me: Okay, that sounds good

domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

The love is amazine

It sounds like laughter and music
it tastes like chocolate and candy
it smells like flowers
it feels like tickles

Something about me:D

My name is Valeria, i'm seventeen years old, almost eighteen because my birthday is april 6th :D
i was born in maracaibo, venezuela and i live right here, i'm studying business administration at URBE, i go for the second quarter and i'm in the second level of english.
I love English, I think it is a very important language for anyone and I would like to learn it.
I really like spending time with my friends and my boyfriend <3, going out, dancing, shopping, partying, etcc etc..
I love the color purple, the chocolate, doritos, black eyed peas, camila, treo, thalia and rihanna and every type of music..